Cross Coun-Selling© in Pharmacy

(Coming soon in UK)

New role and competences in prevention, health and wellness

The pharmacist's role is changing and requires new tools to assist the improvement of individual health and encourage lifestyle changes. Moving from the culture of care to the approach of prevention requires the understanding of the customer - patient's perceptions and their implicit needs.

This means to learn communication and anamnesis techniques to link the patient’s medical history, wishes, difficulties and emotions.

Through modern and new communication techniques it is possible to offer the patient better solutions and help to achieve health targets.

Learning the new methodology of Cross Selling and Cross Coun-Selling improves the competency of the role and its sustainability in the emerging market of prevention, health and wellness.

This short course will teach you how to become a proactive professional in the health market.

  • The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)
  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • Association of Pharmacy Technicians
  • Pharmacist Support working for pharmacists & their families
  • Barts Cancer Institute - Queen Mary University of London